MTA Digital Are Accredited Installers of Pongs Descor Systems

 MTA have announced their accreditation with PONGS, a textile architecture company that have produced some breathtaking designs that can be seen the world over. The German business have created designs for companies that stretch as far as Canada, South Africa and the United States.

PONGS and MTA Digital share the same passion, creating state of the art designs made with the purpose of connecting the buyer to their new masterpiece. The relationship between the customer and their new artwork is of utmost importance to both companies, with designs being tailored to the customers' needs. 

There is also a strong desire from MTA Digital and PONGS to be as ecological as possible whilst creating this work. This has driven both companies to take steps to allow for our shared vision to be made a reality whilst protecting the world we live in. 

Who Are Pongs?



In 1995, PONGS became the worlds first company to produce printable textiles in widths of up to 500 cm. Since then they have had a fully automated packaging facility installed at their Muhltroff plant in Germany. 

With the company spotting the potential of digital printing early, PONGS sets up it's own R&D department including Vutek, Mimaki, and D-Gen machines. 

In 2019 PONGS combined with LIVING CONCEPT Consulting to open the Sales and Creative Department with an exclusive showroom in the Villa Lantz in Dusseldorf. 


PONGS are textiles experts with over 100 years of experience in the industry. The business combines traditional handicrafts with high tech. Their expertise in this field has made PONGS a world renowned company that are trusted by a vast array of clients. 

Founded by Arthur Pongs in 1913 as a cotton weaving mill, the business has been through a transformation to become an industry leading manufacturer and design specialist.

In 1992 PONGS acquired a silk weaving mill in Muhltroff, Saxony, and thus a full-service, large scale production factory. Extensive investments in research, technology and human capital. 


The Benefits Of Using PONGS

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Thanks to the efficient research in the textile laboratory in Muhltroff, PONGS will be able to produce and test new products and product variations on a small scale. 

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Together with the print labs in Muhltroff and Dusseldorf, PONGS is in a unique market position, as technical textiles can be tested here for digital printing on a large scale. 

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PONGS use state of the art energy and environmental technology to conserve resources, minimize the impact on the environment and produce climate neutral products. 

DESCOR system

With DESCOR, the concept for textile interiors, completely new dimensions open up in wall and ceiling design. DESCOR is not only easy, precise and clean to assemble, but also produces a seamless result and a smooth surface.

Whether for private living or the contract sector, for new buildings or renovations, the DESCOR system is suitable for every project and every room. The sound absorbing textiles from Pongs are conceptually ambivalent. When used in the DESCOR system they harmonise the sound of the room and at the same time are visually stimulating. 

Another unforgettable element of the DESCOR system is its ability to have a direct influence on emotions. The creation of perfect light diffusion can be a supreme textile discipline. This type of design means that every PONGS creation possesses the perfect combination in order to meet the high demands of the market. 


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