Bespoke Exhibition And Event Displays

 At MTA Digital, we design and manufacture a market-leading range of bespoke exhibition and event displays that are sure to attract customers to your stand. From easy-to-assemble modular exhibition stands to futuristic three-dimensional displays, every exhibition and event solution we produce is custom-designed to meet your business’s needs and reflect the key features of your brand.

Exhibitions and events are lucrative opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services but, with literally hundreds of displays vying for customers’ attention, making your company stand out from your competitors can be a challenge.

By investing in our exhibition and event displays, you can be assured that your business will receive the attention it deserves, attracting swarms of customers and generating many new sales leads.



That Are Guaranteed To Impress

At MTA Digital, we offer a comprehensive variety of large-scale event and exhibition displays that can be custom-made to raise the profile of your business and brand.

Our range of displays include:

Modular frame systems:

Quick and easy assembly makes these ideal for short-term events, such as product launches, brand activations, and quickfire promotions. With a professional appearance and the ability to reconfigure the shape and size according to your needs, modular frame systems are a cost-effective and practical solution.

Dufaylite 3D displays:

An eco-friendly solution that loses none of its sleek and professional appearance, our three-dimensional displays offer an unrivalled strength to weight ratio and low production costs. Dufaylite 3D displays can be easily customised with eye-catching designs, making them a leading choice for exhibitions and events.

Kappa Hexacomb:

Our paper-based Kappa Hexacomb displays are incredibly strong yet lightweight, making transportation and installation easy for time-pressed staff. The only graphic display board that is constructed entirely from recyclable paper honeycomb material, Kappa Hexacomb offers a consistently high-quality print surface for outstanding graphics and is available in different grades for conventional and 3D printing.

Stretch fabric displays:

Our stretch fabric displays are portable and lightweight, making them a versatile and vibrant option for businesses seeking to make a powerful impact on potential customers. An eco-friendlier alternative to rolled vinyl and PVC display systems, stretched fabric can also be backlit to create striking illuminated displays that are guaranteed to stand out.

Shell schemes:

Commonly used at exhibitions to physically draw customers into the structure, our shell schemes combine practicality with immersive graphics to create an engaging branded theme that is impossible to overlook. Our large printing capacity enables us to create a single uniform graphical display that is meticulously constructed for optimal professionalism and consistency.


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