Enabling Your Retail Business To

Exploit Every Sales Opportunity

At MTA Digital, our extensive range of Point of Sale (POS) displays are designed to help you to promote your retail brand effectively. Whatever the nature of your retail business, our POS displays are versatile and adaptable, and can be custom-made to your exacting requirements.

From freestanding poster displays to wall-mounted graphic lightboxes, our Point of Sale display solutions are the perfect way to showcase your products, in store or on the move.

Why Point of Sale Displays Can

Give Your Business The Edge

Retail businesses who invest in Point of Sale displays increase their competitiveness and the attractiveness of their brand. When designed and positioned carefully, POS displays expose consumers to strategically chosen products and provide customers with the justification they need to make lucrative impulse purchases.

At MTA Digital, we understand that the most well-designed, stylish, and eye-catching POS displays will yield the greatest rewards, so we will work in close collaboration with you to ensure that your Point of Sale graphics achieve the attention that they deserve.


Our POS displays:

  • Are highly customisable, providing your business with innumerable ways to showcase your products or special promotions.
  • Integrate the latest technology to maximise the impact on consumers.
  • Support interactive technology to enhance the shopping experience and build consumer engagement.
  • Incorporate powerful brand messages, such as quotations or slogans, to give customers an insight into what drives your business.
  • Drive up sales by increasing on-the-spot purchasing decisions, particularly when combined with enticing discounts or special offers.
  • Can be complemented with the presence of expert sales professional who can add warmth and personality to your business’s interactions with customers.

A Personalised Service,

Customised To Your Unique Needs


Our experienced graphic designers can help you find the inspiration for captivating Point of Sales displays, providing a personal guided service that enables you to achieve your desired outcomes.

We will ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the project and keep you fully informed throughout the process, so you can undertake the necessary planning to incorporate your new POS graphics on time and on budget.

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