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Interior Wall Graphics From MTA Digital

 Our innovative wall graphics will give your premises a unique and stylish facelift while complementing your brand’s image and aims. Whether you seek functional signage or dynamic brand advertising, our wall graphics can be tailored exactly to your requirements.

Bring Your

Wall Spaces To Life

Ideal for any interior environment, our high-quality bespoke wall coverings can be designed to serve many purposes: to inspire employees or inform customers; to create a sense of calm and wellbeing; or to support brand engagement and promote your business’s ethos.

Many suppliers of wall coverings supply them in narrow drops that must be installed one by one to create the final graphic. This poses many implementation risks, such as slight imperfections or joins being visible on completion, or sections gradually peeling away from the wall over time.

At MTA Digital, we use the latest printing and installation equipment to produce one-piece seamless wall coverings, resulting in superior results and a longer lasting, more durable product.

Our range of wall graphics includes:

  • Wall wraps.
  • Pasteable wall coverings.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl, cut to any size, shape, or design.
  • 3M DI-Noc architectural finishes.
  • Digimura wall coverings.
  • Acoustic panels for improved sound insulation.
  • Kadar system frames.
  • Lift graphics.

Making Intelligent

Use Of Empty Space

With personalised interior wall graphics from MTA, there really is no limit to your ability to transform blank walls in your building. Incredibly versatile, our wall coverings are adaptable to any situation or application and promise to make a stunning impression on your employees, guests, or service users.


Typical Uses Of Our

Wall Coverings Include:

  • Renewal of tired interior walls to create a sophisticated and eye-catching appearance, without the need for replastering and finishing.
  • Bespoke graphic displays to reinforce the brand environment, in hotels, shopping centres, or motorway service stations.
  • Vibrant coloured murals that transform mundane empty walls into statement pieces, with no ceiling on creativity or inspiration.
  • Feature walls that project a key brand message or mission statement to energise and inspire teams or motivate students in educational settings.
  • Harnessing visual impact to create a desired ambience, combined with mood lighting; for example, to promote wellbeing in healthcare facilities or staff restrooms.

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