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Creative Floor Graphics

At MTA Digital, our floor graphics are a unique and attention-grabbing way to convey a clear message to your customers, whether you’re providing directional signage or instructions, or promoting the release of seasonal merchandise. With almost limitless design potential, floor graphics are an effective way to take your business to the next level and increase engagement with customers or service users.

Effective marketing is a prerequisite for any successful business but, sometimes, traditional methods of advertising might not hit the mark. Innovative and eye-catching ways to attract new customers can be the difference between make-and-break – and floor graphics could just be the solution you are searching for.


The MTA Digital Range Of

Floor Graphics

Our floor graphics offer exceptional versatility for a variety of situations and applications. Whether you’re seeking a temporary or long-term solution, our expert designers can help you to choose the right option for your application.

At MTA Digital, our floor graphics include:

  • Self-adhesive graphical vinyl’s that are extremely durable for high traffic areas, with a resistant laminate over the image to prevent scuffs and wear. They can also be cut to any shape or size, and removed when no longer required.
  • G-Floor exhibition flooring, a hardwearing multipurpose graphical flooring solution that offers robust durability, with a clear PVC layer that protects the image.
  • Permanent printed flooring for long-term use that withstands heavy traffic and is easy to clean to ensure no loss of vibrancy or detail.
  • Pavement graphic films that are visually impressive and hardwearing in outdoor locations, even when subjected to heavy footfall or harsh weather.
  • Tex Walk® fabric with a textured vinyl coating designed for midterm applications, which works well on a range of surfaces, including carpet, wooden floors, stone, tiles, and concrete.
  • Asphalt Walk®, which is designed for use on asphalt, untreated stone, cement, and pavements, for short or midterm applications. Highly resistant to abrasion, Asphalt Walk® is particularly useful on outdoor uneven surfaces.



At MTA Digital, we understand that choosing the right floor graphic can be a challenge. That’s why we work in partnership with you to help you to understand the available choices, the costs, and the best ways to achieve your end goal.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer to each client, so you can be confident of receiving a product that accurately meets your needs.

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