Why You Shouldn’t Cut Costs When It Comes To How Your Workplace Looks

So it's a new year, you might have a few new team members, some clearer goals, and maybe a fresh coat of paint on the walls. But what else can you do to update your office in 2023? If your answer is, 'I don't need to update my workplace!' or 'I can't afford to update my workplace!', read on to find out why it's so important that you do, and why you mustn’t cut costs while doing it!

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Businesses across the UK are definitely feeling the pinch more than ever, thanks to the cost of living crisis. Many business owners are having to cut back across their business, and it’s understandable. But it would be a mistake to think that your office interior design should be one of those things to go into the cost of living bin. The look of your workplace is vital for maintaining your brand awareness, employee engagement and overall productivity.

Additionally, if your business gets regular visitors, a well-dressed environment can communicate your brand values and benefit customer engagement and, in turn, boost sales. This is why interior design and branding is now more crucial than ever for businesses everywhere.

The first thing to do during a cost of living crisis is focus on retaining your existing team members – after all, it costs a lot to find a new employee and train them up, so you’d rather avoid that in the first place. So what can you do to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover? Well, happier employees are far less likely to leave a job. So how can you make your employees happier

Well, our surroundings matter to our happiness levels. Bad lighting, for example, has quite a long list of negative effects, but you could tackle this by taking a look at your lighting setup, repainting with colours that reflect light particularly well, and installing a mirror or two to help that light bounce around.

Many offices rely heavily on the colour grey in their interior design – after all, grey is neutral, hides stains well, and goes well with most other colours. But, in abundance, grey can actually have a negative effect on mood, so that grey carpet might be better off replaced with navy blue or burgundy.

There are many similar things you can do to improve the look of your workplace without breaking the bank. Employees that enjoy the look of their workplace are likely to be more productive and feel more energised and comfortable, and this could help improve employee retention, culture and collaboration. You could start with something like corporate office wall graphics if you’d like something completely different!

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Your workplace is so much more than just a place to work. It's where many of us spend the majority of our waking hours during the week and little things can really have an effect, be it positive or negative. Investing in the look and feel of your workplace is an investment in your team, and cool office wall graphics are a great place to start.


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