A Reflection On The Predicted Digital Printing Trends Of 2022

2023 is going to be an exciting year for the digital print sector, with a growing number of SMEs becoming aware of the benefit of digital printing for making cost-effective visual changes in the workplace, and an expanded focus on eco-friendly large format printing.

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Building on what we wrote last August about the digital printing trends then shaping the business landscape in 2022, in what ways are this year’s predicted hot trends likely to make a real-world difference on the office or shop floor, and are last year’s trends still relevant?


Personalisation remains one of the biggest trends in digital printing for this year. Personalised large format prints allow businesses to really stand out from their competitors by creating unique window, wall, and surface graphics that can’t be replicated anywhere else – at a fraction of the cost and implementation time of bespoke artwork. With digital printing technology, companies can invigorate their workspaces with custom designs and prints that are tailored to their brand and their customer’s needs. This trend is especially popular with smaller businesses who are trying to diversify their market in response to the challenges of Covid and Brexit, and for start-ups keen to make a strong visual impression on employees and potential customers.

Business And Corporate Signage

Businesses of all sizes are now turning towards digital printing methods to boost their brand awareness by creating unique signage for both indoors and outdoors use. There is a growing demand at the beginning of 2023 for digital exterior graphics, banners, and window prints to capture attention and convey information more effectively than traditional hard copy signage. Businesses are also utilising large format digital prints as part of their marketing strategy by incorporating branded material into the physical web of their workspaces and retail outlets. Digital wall, window, and floor prints offer high-quality images that can easily be updated without intrusive structural changes or extensive redecorating.

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Printing

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on sustainability in digital printing, extending to both the substrates and inks used, and also to the processes themselves. Recycled paper and vegetable-based inks have proven successful in reducing the environmental footprint of office design decisions, and at saving costs at the same time. Likewise, ethically and sustainably sourced materials from the UK and Europe, and shorter, more resilient supply chains have also made an impact on the digital print market, with a boost for local business relationships and a positive impact on shorter project fulfilment times and lower costs.


Diversity is key when it comes to creating successful digital print design campaigns; companies need to ensure that their messages resonate with multiple audiences rather than just one particular demographic. To do this, companies are turning to a more diverse range of imagery in their marketing and branding material, which can be achieved through digital printing techniques such as spot colouring or variable data imaging (VDI). Spot colouring allows businesses to select specific colours from a range of tones that best represent the company’s message, while VDI enables them to customise each print with different images or text to different audiences and applications.

Next Steps

Overall, the trends identified in 2022 are still proving incredibly important to the world of digital printing and are not going anywhere; they’re here for the long run and are set to continue shaping the UK economy throughout 2023 and beyond. For more information on how our digital print services can help you transform your business, please call today, or click here to request a quote.

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Image source: Pixabay