What Is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is essentially as it sounds, but there’s a little more to it than cranking up the font size and filling a printer with extra wide paper. Large format printing gets the message across and is seen every day by millions of people in all manner of places across the globe.Book A Consulation

What is large format printing?

Large or wide format printing involves transposing graphics and artwork onto substantially sized substrates. In the industry, large format printing is generally considered to be anything bigger than could be achieved on standard commercial printers. Used by marketers, advertisers and brands, large format printed products require specialist equipment to produce and designs can be transferred onto a variety of mediums with a range of finishes.

What is large format digital printing?

While huge billboards are hardly new - think cinematic posters of old or advertising hoardings and shop signage dating back to Victorian times - it was the advent of digital capabilities from the 1990s onward that transformed the printing industry.

What is large format printing used for?

The only limits as to what large format printing can be used for are the designer's imagination and the maximum sizes and tolerances of the printers themselves. Typical applications for wide format printing include:

Point of purchase displays
Trade show, exhibition, festival and community banners
In-house displays, internal messaging and branding
Outdoor adverts
Wall coverings, murals, window and floor graphics
Vehicle graphics

If you can supply digital artwork and an outline of where it will be displayed a suitable and durable substrate for the application can be identified. Large format displays are most commonly printed onto paper, fabric, vinyl, wood, plastic, glass and metal. However, the conditions that the finished product will need to be able to endure will be assessed to identify the most suitable and cost-effective option along with ease of installation considerations.

We all see large format printing a lot, every day and in most places that we go to. So too will your potential clients and those who you intend to receive your message. When you need to make a big impression, large format printing will blow you and everyone else away, particularly when you see the finished product in situ. Get in touch today to find out more.New call-to-action

Image Source : Unsplash