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Consumers don’t want to follow the crowd, they want to express themselves in their possessions and services, and they’re willing to pay for the privilege as well as wait a bit longer to get it. Personalisation is the name of the game.

The personalised gift market just keeps on growing and is expected to more than double*. Personalised products, or services tailored to your interests, were once the domain of the elite, they were status symbols but technology changed all that and made them attainable by all.

Personalisation is increasingly used in brand building and customer connection as a way of making customers and prospects feel special. Digital print makes it easily affordable and achievable.

A whole generation of consumers is happy to share its personal information in return for a more individual and personalised experience. They want to be part of the creativity process, whether it’s designing their own wallpaper or customising a present they know their friend will love.

Print personalisation is a powerful yet under-used marketing tool, discover what it could do for your business at

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