3 Uses For Having A Wall Mural In Your Office

Wall murals make an attractive addition to offices and commercial spaces, helping create a dynamic and personalised working environment for staff, visitors, and customers. A wall mural can consist of any painting, photograph, or other graphic work of art that is displayed directly on a wall, usually in a public-facing area. Murals are frequently used as decorative design elements in restaurants, cafes, bars, offices, and other businesses, and can be created cheaply and effectively using digital design and print methods.

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Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in a bespoke wall mural for your office space, and how MTA Digital can help.

1. Improve Your Workspace

Wall murals can improve your workspace by making it more visually appealing and inspiring for your employees. If you are looking to add some life and personality to your office, a wall mural is a great way to do it without having to invest heavily in overhauling your interior design. Not only will a bespoke mural make your office more pleasant to look at, but it can also help increase productivity by raising morale among staff. People work better in environments that are visually stimulating and welcoming, making it easier for employees to handle stress, complete tasks, and foster positive relationships with their colleagues. So, if you want to create a workspace that is conducive to productivity, consider adding a wall mural to your front of house, open plan office, or breakout spaces.


2. Convey A Brand Or Marketing Message

Wall murals can also be used to convey a variety of branding and marketing messages – either directly through words and images (e.g. company logos and slogans) or indirectly through art murals that visually portray the ethos and culture of the business.

If you want your office to embody a certain aesthetic ‘image’ or communicate a brand identity to employees or customers, consider using a wall mural to enhance an outward-looking window or public area. Murals can be used to subtly communicate messages and ideals such as professionalism, creativity, or even fun! Whatever message or ethos you want your office to express, there is likely a mural design that can help do it.


3. Utilise Empty Wall Space

Blank and unfilled walls can make an office appear empty and cold, so another benefit of installing a wall mural in your office is that it can help utilise empty wall space, giving the impression of a lived-in space without appearing cluttered. If you have an empty wall that you don't know what to do with, consider using it as an opportunity to add some visual interest to your office with a custom wall mural. Not only will the design fill up the space, but it will also add some much-needed colour and life to the room.


Next Steps

Wall murals are an increasingly popular way to add personal style and character to office spaces. If you're considering adding a mural to your own office, is important to choose the right design and approach for your business: keep in mind that a mural says a lot about you and your company. The right choice of mural can help improve your workplace environment, convey your company's core messages, and make good use of empty wall space. With so many benefits, it's no wonder murals are becoming more and more popular among businesses large and small.

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