How To Improve Your Workspace VISUALLY

Office interior design and the visual appearance of the workspace is a critical factor in creating a positive work environment. Employees want to feel comfortable and empowered in their workspace in order to perform at their best, which means that aesthetics are often of equal importance to raw functionality.

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A well-designed office can increase employee morale, productivity, and creativity – all of which are essential for a business to succeed. So everybody is a winner if you are lucky enough to be an interior designer whose customers have deep pockets and a large budget to spend on office design improvements!

In 2023, however, it’s more likely that SME customers are going to be working on a tight budget, with large-scale interior design changes mothballed for a future date. In this article, we’ll provide practical tips that SMEs can implement on a shoestring, but which nevertheless make a huge visual difference to the look and feel of the office.

Why Appearances Matter: The Benefits Of An Aesthetically Pleasing Work Environment


An aesthetically pleasing work environment has many benefits that can help you or your customers’ businesses grow and thrive. First and foremost, it can improve employee resilience and productivity by establishing a space that encourages collaboration and focus. When people feel comfortable in their workplace, they are often less inhibited, and their creativity and ability to think laterally increases as a result. This can lead to an increase in innovative ‘out of the box’ solutions for any challenges faced by the business – a useful asset during times of economic uncertainty. A visually pleasing office can also help employees stay focused on their tasks at hand rather than becoming distracted by cluttered or uncomfortable surroundings.

Less Is More: Minimalism As The Office Design Trend For 2023


Fortunately for businesses working with a restrained budget, one of the most popular office design trends right now is Minimalism – using clean lines and simple colours to create a visually appealing space without overwhelming it with too much furniture or decoration.

This strong, contemporary style works especially well in open plan offices because it removes barriers to collaboration among colleagues and teams, and actively creates a collective space in which to grow and develop shared solutions. There are plenty of examples online of minimalist office designs that still manage to look stylish yet cosy at the same time—a perfect balance for any productive workplace, and achievable in most offices with only a modest budget and minimal structural adjustments.

Affordable Visual Design Strategies For SME Office Businesses:


1. Incorporate natural elements into the design: Naturalistic elements such as plants, cost-effective but high-quality wooden furniture, and bold visual artwork can create a tranquil atmosphere in the office while also providing visual interest to staff and visitors.

2. Focus on colour psychology: Colour plays a critical role in how we perceive our environment, so it’s essential to choose colours that are calming yet energising. Neutral shades like beige, grey and white can provide a sense of calmness in minimal interior designs without compromising on brightness or vibrancy.

3. Utilise the right lighting: Proper lighting is key for creating an inviting workplace with character and personality, especially during the dark winter months. By using LED task lighting to illuminate individual work areas, and strategic overhead lighting to brighten up the overall space, you can create an atmosphere that encourages efficiency and attention to detail. Incorporate natural sunlight from windows or skylights as much as you can to energise the workforce and save on energy costs at the same time.

How Bespoke Interior Wall Graphics Can Enhance Visual Design


Custom-designed interior wall graphics are a quick and affordable way to add personality and interest to an office. These can range from large wall murals, inspirational quotes, or artwork to smaller vinyl decals with company logos or slogans. Wall graphics are an effective tool for bringing your brand identity into the workplace as well as creating a more visually stimulating environment for employees.

Next Steps


By prioritising design changes with the most visual impact and aiming to de-clutter the office through minimalist design, SME businesses can create a unique yet functional office environment that promotes wellbeing, creativity, and efficiency. For cool office wall graphic ideas or to find out more about our custom print solutions, please call MTA Digital today on 020 8461 9100 or click here to request a quote.

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 Image source: Pixabay