How Large Format Printing Can Help Your Business Stand Out At Trade Shows

Trade shows are fantastic events to showcase your business and reach a large audience in a short period. However, at a single show there can be hundreds of companies, many of whom may be in direct competition with your business, so you need effective and affordable ways to stand out and create a memorable impression.

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In this article, we'll explain how large format printing can give you the competitive edge your business needs at trade shows.


What Is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing, also known as wide format printing, involves printing digital images to a large size. Commonly used to create eye-catching and colourful banners, posters, signage, and exhibition stands, large format printing services can help your business to stand out.


At MTA Digital, we offer a variety of bespoke large format printing solutions, including futuristic 3D displays, stretch fabric displays, easy-to-assemble modular stands, and hexacomb displays, which are ideal for trade shows and the best way to reflect your brand’s ethos and principles.


Why Choose Large Format Printing For A Trade Show?

So, what advantages does large format printing offer businesses who are keen to make their mark at a trade show?


An Immediate Impact

Held in voluminous buildings, such as exhibition centres, trade shows are often incredibly busy, with thousands of people exploring the many businesses showcasing their products and services. Large wall graphics stand out from smaller displays which can quickly get lost in the hustle and bustle of the show. A large, high-quality print will draw attention to your stand and make it easier for potential customers to spot you from a distance. This can result in higher footfall to your business’s stand and a more prominent presence.


Products such as large stretch fabric displays or Dufaylite 3D Displays, both of which we provide at MTA Digital, stand out and provide all-day exposure on your pitch.

Limitless Creativity

Who said that exhibition stands are always mundane? Large format printing allows you to showcase your brand in the most creative and memorable way possible: larger displays enable businesses to create unique designs and incorporate their branding elements in imaginative ways. With smaller canvases, it is much more challenging to achieve the same visual impact. Moreover, the three-dimensional and hexacomb displays we supply are perfect for eye-catching displays that will help make your pitch stand out from the crowd.


A More Sustainable Approach

Many customers actively engage with businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. For example, in a survey conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, 60 per cent of consumers said they would pay more for a product that uses sustainable packaging. Sustainable marketing means reducing paper waste, so large format printing is an excellent opportunity to exhibit your message without negatively impacting the environment. By reducing the number of printed materials and opting for large prints, businesses can make a conscious effort to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Generate An Online Presence

Not all visitors to a trade show will make the decision to purchase from your business on the day, so it’s important that you promote your online presence to forge a lasting relationship with potential customers. By adding your website or social media accounts to large wall graphics, you can help new audiences to connect with your brand after the event. Also, QR codes help to make your promotional materials interactive and encourage brand engagement.


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At MTA Digital, we are specialists in the design of eye-catching and inspirational large format digital printing for trade shows to help businesses create a memorable impression and capture new customers. We offer a free, no-obligation quotation, so please get in touch with MTA Digital today on 020 3835 4199.

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