The Benefits Of Mirrors In Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design is not just about colours and corners - lighting matters, too, and this is where mirrors come in. Many people use mirrors for interior design benefits in their homes, but mirrors do not only brighten up domestic spaces. The benefits of mirrors in commercial interior design are plenty, so read on to find out exactly why you should make use of mirrors at strategic points throughout your office...

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What Is The Use Of Mirrors In Interior Design?


First of all, mirrors are a great source of indirect light. Of course, they don’t provide light themselves (unless they have in-built lighting!), but when mirrors are placed optimally, they bounce existing light off their surface and around the rest of a room. For best results, angle mirrors to reflect light into the darker corners of your workplace – this usually works by placing them opposite windows.

As well as creating extra light, adding mirrors can also create the appearance of more space. Well-lit rooms just seem bigger, but additionally, seeing a room – or part of a room – duplicated in the mirror allows for the illusion of an extension, as if the room continues into the mirror. This makes the entire space just seem larger, which is great if you only have a cramped space to work with and you don’t want to knock a wall through. Box rooms and corridor, especially, can benefit from mirrors for their visual trick of making a space look bigger than it really is.

That’s not all, though – mirrors make fabulous design features in a workplace, adding a touch of elegance and class to even the oldest, greyest office! Using a mirror as a central design feature allows the eye to go straight to the mirror when a person enters the room. Hang mirrors in the centre of a feature wall in your workspace, and place plants or other decorations around it as suitable. Using a mirror with a striking feature, such as a strong frame colour, boosts its value as a centrepiece.

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Image Source: Pixabay