Custom Printed Wall Coverings vs Bespoke Wall Murals

Transforming your office or retail space needn’t be an expensive and complex task that involves the wholesale renovation of the very fabric of your building. Large format printing is a highly effective yet affordable way to give your interior a new lease of life by utilising underused wall space as a blank canvas for customised branding.

Two popular options are custom-printed wall coverings and bespoke wall murals. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of each.

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Custom Printed Wall Coverings

Custom printed wall coverings are an excellent choice for companies that wish to put their own stamp on their interior spaces. These coverings can feature a variety of elements, such as intricate graphics, a company's history, or other detailed representations. The key advantage of wall coverings lies in their ability to provide a subtle yet powerful backdrop to the workplace environment.

Wall coverings often showcase simple graphic designs, which can include patterns or outlines of maps, for example. They can add a touch of historical reference, tell a story, or simply enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. Custom printed wall coverings offer a sense of belonging and continuity with your brand, reflecting your business's character and values.

Bespoke Wall Murals

Bespoke wall murals are bold statement pieces that showcase vibrant, colourful, and attention-grabbing imagery. They can feature a client's photos, digital art pieces, or custom illustrations, bringing life to uninspiring walls on a grand scale. Wall murals are known for being 'in your face' and are powerful tools to convey a brand's message or make a memorable impression.

Wall murals typically feature powerful, eye-catching images, drawing people's eyes to them and encouraging clients, customers, or employees to engage with the space and the brand. As a means of making a strong statement, wall murals not only add a burst of colour but also introduce bold graphics to what might otherwise be a plain or simple environment. 

The choice between custom printed wall coverings and bespoke wall murals largely depends on your goals and the atmosphere that you wish to create. Wall coverings provide a backdrop that complements your brand and aesthetic, adding depth and history to your space. On the other hand, wall murals instantly grab people’s attention and convey a powerful message.

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