UK Large Format Printing: A Cost-Effective Solution For Outdoor Advertising

In the world of outdoor advertising, there is a medium that stands tall – both figuratively and literally – large-format digital printing. This promotional and decorative printing medium has become the go-to strategy for businesses looking for a big and bold statement outside their premises without blowing their advertising budget. Unlike large-scale outdoor signage projects, which can cost tens of thousands of pounds, bespoke large-format printing is achievable for a fraction of the price, without losing anything in terms of customer impact and wow factor.

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Durability that defies the elements

Unfortunately, outdoor advertising is a game of diminishing returns. The relentless assault of sun, wind, rain, and snow can quickly erode even the most durable outdoor advertising installation, reducing its visual impact. Compared to traditional wooden, metal, and polymer displays, however, large-format prints are made to endure. Our fire-rated composite and PVC banners, and advanced ink technology, allow your outdoor printed displays to weather any storm – often literally – while retaining their vibrancy and clarity over time. This durability translates into excellent value for money and a prolonged advertising lifespan.

Adaptability and quality

A good advertisement doesn’t come about by chance – it’s made, carefully tailored, and refined for precise alignment with your brand identity and the needs of your customers. Large-format printing is perfectly suited to outdoor advertising strategies that require both adaptability and quality. At the end of the day, you won’t always need a colossal installation to stand the test of time – sometimes you’ll want a short-term display for a one-time event, seasonal promotion, or new product launch. This adaptability, and the short turnaround of large-format advertising, allow a more cost-effective approach to outdoor marketing graphics, without the outlay and lead time of traditional signage.

Strategic placement for optimal results

Even the most compelling design and message can falter if it’s not where it needs to be – perfectly visible to your target audience! One of the benefits of large format printing is the ability to strategically place your advert in high-traffic areas, taking full advantage of the layout of your building and its proximity to access areas and local services, without awkward compromises to make use of the available space. Large format prints can be customised to accommodate any external wall, window, or spare surface, helping you maximise the potential of your promotional real estate, without the hassle and expense of installing and maintaining hardcopy displays.

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