Large Format Prints Can Impact Consumer Behaviour

An interesting and sometimes overlooked aspect of UK large format printing is how large prints in shops and retail spaces can impact consumer behaviour. This is the subject we will be looking at in this article – in particular, the role of colour choice and compelling visuals in creating deeper and more meaningful connections between a business and its target customers.

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Colour Psychology 101

Primates are highly visual animals and humans are no exception, and as people, we live and move in a world full of colours. In most cultures, colours and colour combinations have developed a rich cultural history and psychological meaning, which can be used by businesses to subtly influence consumer behaviour. The central idea behind colour psychology is a recognition of the role colours play in evoking specific emotions and responses from consumers. For example, in some contexts, red can convey excitement and urgency, while blue is associated with calmness and trustworthiness.

By incorporating various hues and colours strategically into large format prints, designers can create a subconscious connection with consumers that influences the decision-making process. However, strong caution should be taken before using any colour for psychological reasons, as associations vary widely between cultures and even between individuals. In the UK for instance, while red might evoke feelings of festivity and excitement in consumers of Chinese origin, many people of European origin associate red with danger and risk. And while in Britain green is the colour of sustainability and nature, in America it’s the colour of money, with quite different emotional connotations.

Emotive Design

It’s not just the colours you choose but the design itself that can evoke certain reactions in people that view your graphics. Designs that evoke emotions, for example, can resonate more with consumers than those that do not. A carefully designed large format graphic can stimulate feelings of nostalgia, empathy, or humour in your customers, potentially leaving a memorable impression in their mind. The walls, windows, and walkways of retail shops are the perfect canvas for incorporating emotionally compelling visuals that engage viewers on a deeper level than mere pounds, pence, and savings.

But again, care should be taken when trying to tap into the emotional wiring of your target customers. If done correctly or sensitively, tailored large format prints can foster stronger connections with your target audience, but it can also backfire. We recommend consulting with your customers or conducting careful market research before using any ‘psychology’ in your design. Our experienced sign designers can work with you to help ensure that your messages stand out and resonate with your customers, strengthening memorability and engagement.

Calls To Action

You don’t always need to be subtle to influence consumer behaviour. A clear and compelling call to action (CTA) within the design of your large format prints – either textual or visual – is often enough to prompt your customer to take the required action, such as visiting your discount section or taking advantage of a two-for-one offer. A good CTA should be easily visible, concise, and simple to follow so that your customers know exactly what step to take next.

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Working consumer psychology into your large-format print designs can increase the likelihood of sales and conversions. To find out more, please book a consultation with one of our knowledgeable commercial signage designers today.

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