Exploring Large Format Printing Applications: From Events to Retail

Large-format digital printing has become an essential tool for retail and commercial businesses looking to make a bold statement and effectively convey the brand identities of their target customers, employees, and visitors. From events venues to leisure centres and shops, surface graphics on walls, floors, and windows offer a versatile and impactful way for you to attract attention and engage with customers. In this article, we’ll look at the various applications of large-format printing from the perspective of interior architecture and design, creating more immersive experiences in commercial spaces.

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How Custom Large Format Printing Is Used In Interior Design

In commercial interior design, large-format prints have become a popular choice over the past few years for transforming spaces and creating unique visual environments. Whether it’s a mural, a branded wall graphic, or custom artwork your customers are looking for, bespoke prints can add personality and style to offices, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and more. By incorporating large-format digital printing into an interior design or architecture project, designers can help create a welcoming environment that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.


Shops and retail businesses have long recognised the power of striking large format prints in capturing the attention of footfall and driving in-shop sales. Window displays, in-store signage, promotional posters, and floor graphics are just a few of the ways that these prints can be used to create an aesthetically appealing environment that promotes offers or new products or provides important wayfinding information.


Schools, universities, nurseries, and colleges also benefit from using large-format prints for educational purposes. Classroom visuals, maps, custom artwork, and informational displays all play a role in fostering an engaging and conducive learning environment for pupils, not only serving as educational tools but also adding vibrancy and character to school spaces. The beauty of custom large format printing is that each graphic can be tailored to the unique needs and character of each school, reflecting, for example, the ethos and identity of the school, or the projects completed by students.

Sports And Leisure

Sporting venues rely heavily on large format prints for branding and communication purposes – from local leisure centres to professional sporting arenas. From printed banners and sponsorship signage to crowd control signs and promotional displays, custom prints help create a cohesive look throughout the venue while engaging with attendees and fans.


NHS hospitals, GP surgeries, and private clinics all benefit from large format prints to improve their patient experience and streamline communication within healthcare settings. Large-format printing allows healthcare facilities to effectively communicate important information in a visual medium, without overwhelming patients with large quantities of written material. Patient information boards, waiting room decor and signage, wayfinding signs, and educational displays all contribute to a more nurturing and calming environment for patients.

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Custom large-format printing offers endless possibilities for businesses looking to make a splash through visual communication. To find out more about the workplace benefits of new printed wall coverings for yourself or a client, please download a free copy of our Printed Wall Coverings Guide, or [click here] to message one of our experienced team.

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