Wall Graphics for Education: Inspiring Learning Spaces

Schools can look famously similar wherever you go in the country; 1960s-era buildings, green hard-wearing carpets, cream walls, and classrooms adorned with handprints and posters. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. School wall graphics are a straightforward and cost-effective way to radically personalise your school’s classrooms, walkways, and communal areas, helping improve your student experience and convey a personal and distinctive visual identity for your school.

Educational wall murals for schools: five ways you can use school wall graphics to inform, educate, and inspire.


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1. Enriched Learning Environments

Modern primary and secondary schools cover a vast number of topics in their curriculum, which all have the potential for incorporation into stylish wall graphics to inspire your pupils and assist your teachers. Depending on the project focus of your school, wall graphics can feature historical timelines, world maps, scientific diagrams, or even inspirational quotes to spark the curiosity of young minds. Building custom wall graphics into your classrooms and learning strategies as visual aids can help your teachers immerse your students in learning and foster a lifetime love of education.

2. Creative Floor Graphics

Wall graphics immediately draw the eye of students, teachers, and visitors alike, but what about your floors? The surface beneath your feet is also a potent canvas for educational printed graphics. Floor graphics can support your staff and students in various ways, such as by providing important wayfinding information, codes of conduct or behavioural expectations in school corridors, educational games and puzzles in your school hall, and bespoke school branding in your reception area.

3. Printed Posters And Teaching Aids

Classroom-based posters are another useful application of large format printing, allowing you to print educational charts, infographics, and visuals directly onto your classroom walls and windows. This avoids damaging your paintwork and helps your teachers to illustrate complex concepts effectively and keep students engaged, without solely depending on the whiteboard and computer screen. By providing important visual cues that reinforce verbal instruction, these graphics can aid your pupils to comprehend and retain more information, leading to improved academic outcomes.

4. Decor For Hallways And Public Areas

Large format prints in strategic places around your school, such as hallways and common areas, can enhance the visual appearance and aesthetics of your school by showcasing your student artwork, achievements, and projects. No need to spend thousands of pounds commissioning a local artist or entrusting your pupils with paint brushes and your professional reputation. By creating personalised printed displays that celebrate the successes and creativity of your pupils, you can help create a sense of pride and community among your students and staff alike, with a distinctive identity that sets you apart from other schools.

What Next?

For schools, bespoke designed wall graphics offer endless possibilities for transforming standardised educational spaces into unique environments to support growth and learning. To find out more about what you can achieve for your school, please click here to download a copy of our free guide: The Benefits of New Printed Wall Coverings.

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